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    Post  OneLove on Sat Jan 24, 2009 10:21 am

    1. Do u have any GM experience? List the server and how we can contact the owner of the server? yes i have Experience in yummyStory i am Gm i Contact th Owner of the server from Fourm

    2. What do you consider hacking?
    zz vac & DMG cap & Bilnk godmod & item vac & ill get Screen shot

    3. What are the things you would do to prevent hacking or if you see someone hacking how would you handle it?
    First of all ill do !online and warp my self to him with Hide and see him if he hack or no if i see some one hack ill jail him for 20mint if he back to hack ill ban him

    4. How old are you?(for maturety) 16

    5.How will you help this server? ill help this server to clean it From hack and help people if he get any Problem

    6. How will you help advertise for this server?ill tell my Friends

    7. Are you a dedicated person? List reasons why or why not.
    Im a dedicated person cause im always there for the players and I will play UAESTORY almost all the time. If there was help needed at any time, i will be there.

    8. Can you code Java or C++? yes i can code java but Low

    9. List Your biggest flaw. hmm My biggest flaw is that I dont remember the easy codes or some item codes. I only know some codes by memory.

    10. Why should Crazy, Shi6ooN choose you as a GM?(list 3 reson)
    1: i have Experience in gm
    2: i am honest
    3: i can code java but Low =P

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