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    Fazi13's GM Application Empty Fazi13's GM Application

    Post  Fazi13 on Fri Feb 06, 2009 5:03 pm

    1. Do u have any GM experience? List the server and how we can contact the owner of the server.

    Yes, I have been a GM for UltimateMS. The server has shut down because the owner had to go to school and I have no idea on how to contact her.

    2. What do you consider hacking?

    Hacking to me is anything that helps a player level up or anything that would give the player a huge advantage to other players.. An example would be Botting, Vac Hacking, Fast Animation Hacking, Speed Hacking, Jump Hacking, Flash Jump Hacking, or Damage Hacking.

    3. What are the things you would do to prevent hacking or if you see someone hacking how would you handle it?

    Depending on how badly they hack, I would either jail them for a few hours or temporarily ban them for about a day. I would also ask others if they have seen him/her hacking and base my judgement on that.

    4. How old are you?(for maturity)

    I am 13 years old, but do not think that I am immature just because I am not that old, as I have been with a real gaming company as a well-known tester, GM, and DJ. The game is Kando World it is an MMORPG like MapleStory.

    5.How will you help this server?

    I could assure that everyone follows the rules and is kind to one another and make sure that they do get the punishment required, even if they were my best friend. I could also do FULL HTML scripting. I have a professional website/fansite right now. This is my own website that I created from scratch without any pre-made template or using a website builder. I used my education and Notepad. I could design a professional looking Main Page and a Registration Page for this private server. I could also get an easy to remember domain like (do not click that as it would lead to no where.)

    6. How will you help advertise for this server?

    I could submit a like to the server into Google and Yahoo. I could also advertise to my friends on Skype. I have 100+ people that do play MapleStory. I could also advertise on my own website.

    7. Are you a dedicated person? List reasons why or why not.

    Yes I am.
    -I could GM for this server from 4-8 PM PST on Mondays - Fridays and sometime between 6AM - 11PM PST on Saturday and Sunday.
    -An example would be my website. I created the whole entire thing within 16 hours.
    -I have been a Kando World tester for one year and have given lots of feedback.

    8. Can you code Java or C++?

    I can do some Java and C++ coding. I am currently taking a course on How To Java Code for video games. I already know some basic codes from a school class. However, I cannot make a custom NPC yet, but I can probably edit some and correct some things on them.

    9. List Your biggest flaw.

    I think that my biggest flaw is that I can be lazy. But, I will get things done on time. I just might relax and chill a little bit longer than others, which does cause to me stay up later but I always get it done in the end.

    10. Why should Shi6ooN choose you as a GM?(list 3 reasons)

    -I can do FULL HTML Coding
    -I have been a GM before
    -I memorized most of the GM Codes (I have a booklet on them)
    -I know quite a lot about computers, more than the average person
    -I can help code a little bit with Visual C++ and Java
    -I have run my own Private Server before, but only for some friends
    -I have a fast running computer with 4 gigabytes of RAM, 8 gigabytes of Memory and ~900 gigabytes of Storage.
    -I have a dedicated server
    -I don't speak broken English
    -I actually care about this server, this is why I'm being careful not to make mechanical errors and such on my application.

    -Feel free to PM me or reply to this topic if you need anymore information about me.

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