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    Post  bigvthe1 on Sat Feb 07, 2009 4:27 pm

    1. Do u have any GM experience? List the server and how we can contact the owner of the server: I have ran my own server that had over 1000 players; the only reason it went down was because I couldn't afford to keep the server up.

    2. What do you consider hacking?
    Hacking is anything that alters the program outside of set rules by you, the owner.

    3. What are the things you would do to prevent hacking or if you see someone hacking how would you handle it? Make an example of them by banning them right on the spot and they can appeal the ban later.

    4. How old are you?(for maturety)
    I am currently 19 years old.
    5.How will you help this server?
    I will ban all hackers and help everyone with my knowledge of private servers.
    6. How will you help advertise for this server?
    I will tell my maplestory friends of this up and coming great server.
    7. Are you a dedicated person? List reasons why or why not.
    I am a very dedicated person and can be on as much as the server requires because i just graduated high school.
    8. Can you code Java or C++?
    I know the basics but don't expect something amazing out of me.
    9. List Your biggest flaw.
    I may follow rules too strictly.
    10. Why should Shi6ooN choose you as a GM?(list 3 reson)
    I ran my own server. I have a lot of time to put into the server. I have played maple story for a long long time.

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