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    Jake/Electy's GM Application [I can code a bit]


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    Jake/Electy's GM Application [I can code a bit] Empty Jake/Electy's GM Application [I can code a bit]

    Post  Electy on Tue Feb 17, 2009 1:33 am

    Hi Guys.. Even though I havent made an account in-game nor played yet I wish to tell you guys how useful I could be in the server. [I wont keep you for too long?]

    Q1 - I know most of the commands. I've played my own pserver [TitanSource] but never put it online. [Ive never been a GM cuz Ive really never GM Apped lol]

    Q2 - Editing Clients, Hacking or Abusive Language.
    Well, I would NOT ban the hacker, I probably would jail them for around 2 days and then if they do the same offense they deserve a Temporary/Permanent Ban.

    Q3 - Same as above.

    Q4 - I am the age of 14, but I still am mature. But I guess you will have to know me for that. Lol.

    Q5 - I can make my own commands such as @henesys, @fm or anyother commands that might be useful. [Not Just map teleporting, also monsters or shops]

    Q6 - I do have a lot of friends that play maplestory private servers at school so I could tell a couple of them to start playing. [They only like highrates] -- I can advertise on MSN sorta.

    Q7 - I am still on & off for many HOME issues, but I can usually be on during the weekends. Sometimes I may go out for dinner or some random thing may pop-up, but generally im on. [I still go to school lol]

    Q8 - I am absolutely HOPELESS at Java but I can code a bit on C++. [I am good with commands]

    Q9 - I do swear. I can sometimes get a bit crazy xD.

    Q10 - king Im too pro!! jks lol.

    I do not OVERDO events because people may just get like super rich! [Around 1 - 4 a day]
    I can code commands? lol
    Im probably on at different times from you so I can be on when your not.
    GMT + 10 is my timezone.

    Good Luck to all the rest of the people that have put in a GM App!! I hope you guys get to become a GM!! XDD

    Thanks! Jake!

    P.S - Sorry if it was too long! Sleep

    Edit ~ Here is some website creators if you need them: [Reccomend Very Easy]

    I have some more but that should be enough.

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