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    Tran's GM Application [Thanks for oppurtunity]


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    Tran's GM Application [Thanks for oppurtunity]

    Post  Tran on Thu Feb 19, 2009 11:43 am

    Quick Information about me:

    My full name is David Vinh Tran and I have a male reproductive body part in my under garments. I'm Vietnamese and I live in America. I can speak English and Vietnamese pretty well if you were wondering. I was born in Oregon, and I'm still currently living in Oregon. My IGN in this server is Tran, if you didn't look at my obvious forum identification. I have a YouTube account which is HayDayVay, I make Maple Series.

    Why do you want to be a GM?:

    To be honest, I would like to use !item to use items that are not assessable through a normal account, because there are some things I've never laid eyes on before, considering I'm a v55 player. I'm not going to sound like a innocent angel who just wants to help people so they can quickly obtain the GM position. I'm pretty sure there plenty of people who wants to be a GM because of the Unlimited Flash Jump, the quick and easy transportation function where all you have to do it use @warp, the ability to stalk someone without using VIP rocks, the ability to hide and scare everyone, the power to create any items you want, and the ability to scroll massively. I am one of those person. Sure, I would like to help would people who really do need it; but I do that already when I do get a chance. If I see someone asking a question, I'll slowly type the answer with neatness and correct grammar so I can assist them in a professional manner. I've played many servers and I've seen good examples and bad examples of those who were GM's. DickMS for example contained really terrible GM's. Sure they had amazing grammar, used words that even I can't spell correctly, but they truely lived up to their server's name. Those GM's were Dicks. They banned people who were being "cocky", sends people to Jail because they were talking about Gay Sex for fun, when they didn't even get a warning, and budges into people's conversation just to bash people. The reason why I'm talking about Bad GM's is because I don't want the players on this amazing server to witness such GM's. I'm not saying that the person who could be the next GM is a total jerk, but I'm saying that you won't see those terrible characteristics If I was selected as a GameMaster.

    Past GM Experience?:

    To be honest, I was only a GM once for 1 server. It was a decent server named JokerMS, hosted by a 13 year old named Antoine and 30-40 people logged on each day. Even though I was only a GM for one server, people loved me on Joker. People typed my names in caps if I came out of hiding at Free Market. My ability to solve their problems and my "Never-Give-Up" spirit when they were honestly struggling through technical difficulties really made me a asset to that server and I hope to become one to this server.

    Played GMS? If so, how long?:

    Yes I have, I don't quite remember when I played GMS, but I do remember I was around 12 years old and I was a 7th Grader. I had a Lv31 Fighter account which I was so proud of. He was my first character and I made alot of friends on Bera. His Ign is Ranchi. The name comes from Ranch obviously, because I loved ranch as a child. I also loved Japanese names and I would always look up some Japanese male names when ever I made a character. So when I added the letter "I" to "Ranch", I though it sounded Japanese, which could be totally wrong. But I would only 12, what did you expect? Then I got scammed, because I so greedy for NX, I fell for one of those "Give me your Info and I'll give you NX" scams. After that, I made a new character named "iRanch" who was a Normal Dex Sin. I played him for awhile and always got teased about "iPod + Ranch = iRanch". After a few weeks, I quit GMS because I felt like playing Ragnarok and my neighbor(childhood friend) was playing it also. 2 years later, when I became a 9th grader, my friend persuaded me to play Scania and make a Ice Lighting because they were easy to fund and they leveled really fast. My friend's character was "WipeMyAss", so I decided to make my character named "WipeMahAss" because he's the one who got me to play. I played it until the Summer of 2008. I quitted at Lv53 because most of my friends stopped playing.

    What do you have to offer?

    I'm not one of those really "noob'ish" GM's where everyone tries to take advantage of, or one of those GM's who is constantly giving out things he isn't supposed to. I can be quite active because my school doesn't give out Homework so I have plently of free time at home. Even if I wasn't a GM, I could still help those who need it, or those who qualify for my help. Banning people is a simple task if I don't get disconnected from the internet when I'm using @warp "hacker'sname". But I won't ban them immediately, because I once hacked on a private server because I was quite bored. A GM caught me doing so and told me something along the lines of "If you can promise me that you won't hack again, I won't ban you and you can continue playing. This is your first and final warning" I believe everyone deserves a 2nd chance if they promise to change. Also, I don't think my judgment alone would be a good enough reason to block someone's Ip address from this server. I do have some nice idea's for an event, such as the "Coconut Event". I'm also willing to accept event idea's form others. It's very rare to see me snap or bash at people who doesn't deserve it. I've seen GM's who take out their frustration on people who were just having a nice shout out to all their friends using Smega. So I can assure you if I do get mad at any players or just annoyed at life, I'll release my anger at the nearest pillow. Also, I'm not sure where I should add this detail, but I don't memorize all the commands, item code, or anything. I will always have to spend at least 1minute to find the code or command that I need.

    Why should I choose you over others?:

    I really don't want to type this section again, because my answer for the previous question should pretty much answer this question too. Also my hands are getting very sore. But what I can say is that I'm quite happy at times, and I can be very.. "flirty", but wouldn't it be nice to have a GM who's really happy and cheery and makes random funny story & is professional at the same time?

    What Global time zone are you on?:

    (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)

    What times are you usually active?:

    From Monday to Friday:
    Once I get home, which is around I head straight for the computer, and pretty much stay on their till 8pm.

    I would wake up around 10am - 11am, eat breakfast, then log onto my computer at 12pm. I would play until 1pm because I have to be at a Community Center College because I have Vietnamese classes there. I would normally be home around 4:30pm if my parents don't take me shopping after wards.

    If I don't have any chores to do, I could pretty much play for the whole day, but I'd have to sleep around 10pm or 12pm.

    Yeah, as you can see, I spend a lot of my time on the computer. You could say I don't have a life, but It's just because my parents don't think I should go outside because of the current economy status. There are some crazy people that kill, rob, and steal people from the street and does "who-knows-what" with them. I also don't have any friends that I can conveniently walk to because of where they live. Most of the people who I value in life are the people in my family, the people I talk to at school, and the people I meet on the internet.

    How old are you?:

    I'm 15 years old, and I'm going to become 16 time summer, August 7th.

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