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    White's GM Application. Empty White's GM Application.

    Post  White on Fri Feb 27, 2009 4:59 pm

    1. Do u have any GM experience? List the server and how we can contact the owner of the server.

    No, I have never been a GM for any server, but my Friends have been some and I personally watched them. I know the rules and how events go.

    2. What do you consider hacking?

    I consider hacking, Fast attack, God mode, (If this server has damage cap) Penguin Trainer, Damage Hack, Vac, Dupe, but I really dont see why anyone would need to hack on a Private Server.

    3. What are the things you would do to prevent hacking or if you see someone hacking how would you handle it?

    If I were to get a Whisper or Message, saying that a certain someone was Hacking, then I would investigate to see if it is True. Also if I were to see him hacking, most likely it would result in a Ban.

    4. How old are you?(for maturety)

    I am a Freshmen in High School, 14.

    5.How will you help this server?

    I will help this server by, Getting it more votes on websites, Keep the server clean (Destory the Hekkers ;]), making the server a Friendly Community, and bunch more XD!

    6. How will you help advertise for this server?

    Things that I could do is, Tell the community(The people) that there will be a event held if a certain amount of votes is reached. Also i can put up a YouTube account to help advertise,

    7. Are you a dedicated person? List reasons why or why not.

    Yes, I am very dedicated. I helped many server reach the top in websites, such as EnvyStory, ChoasStory, CitrixStory, and other games such as RoseOnline.

    8. Can you code Java or C++?

    Yes, I know little of C++. Although I can learn it from a friend of my who used to be the Top Dev for alot of Servers.

    9. List Your biggest flaw.

    I would say my BIGGEST flaw would be Imperfection. I try to be the best and try the best to do everything correct, but i still end up short in the long run.

    10. Why should Shi6ooN choose you as a GM?(list 3 reson)

    1. I am very aware of the Rules/Commands for a GM.
    2. I am experienced with starting Events and Advertisement.
    3. I am a friendly and funny Guy.

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