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    Post  Skylar on Fri Feb 27, 2009 10:32 pm

    1. Do u have any GM experience? List the server and how we can contact the owner of the server
    dont have any
    2. What do you consider hacking?
    depends how it is used
    3. What are the things you would do to prevent hacking or if you see someone hacking how would you handle it?
    see wat kind of hack and depends and jail him godmode dmg cap max probably bann fast animation. fkying swiming.. UFJ warning. sit hack warning . others jail.
    4. How old are you?(for maturety)
    5.How will you help this server?
    by being active and helpful
    6. How will you help advertise for this server?
    help players
    7. Are you a dedicated person? List reasons why or why not.
    i think so .. i do watever is asked for
    8. Can you code Java or C++?
    9. List Your biggest flaw.
    no experience b4 and dont know how to code
    10. Why should Shi6ooN choose you as a GM?(list 3 reson)

    active. friendly . trusty

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